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S E I J I N S H I K I by burningmonk

Content wise, this is a visually stunning piece. A woman wearing the traditional dress while carrying a purse in a cluttered alley sends a remarkable message. In Japan, many old traditions are fading away. And yet, here we see the persistence of an age-old ceremony in a modern society. This sort of juxtaposition makes for a gripping image. Seeing her walking alone in the snow after what was a major occasion can also be interpreted as a metaphor for loneliness in the cold, adult world.

The alley has a lot going on, but its composition allows you to focus the woman quite well. However, I find the bright neon colors and lights in the upper left corner very distracting. You could simply change it to black and white. And if the woman blends into the background, you could add color to the kimono.

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful piece with us.
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burningmonk Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Professional Photographer
Thank you for the critique. I really like your interpretation about old Japan vs. new. This is one of the things I really enjoy about Tokyo.

And very good points about the composition and the neon in the background. It's something I need to keep in mind; watching the background and keeping them uncluttered and not distracting.

Thanks again! :D
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